Advanced Pendulum Clearing

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With the guidance and assistance of the Angelic realm

 We will clear less than light Beings from your Energy field,

CORDS a cord  is energy that you send or you received that specifically connects to a chakra or chakras which is a belief that that is the only place that you or they can get what you or they need. Which is False. All one needs to do is turn to the Creator, one source.

Loving Direction for all to be guided in the sacred use of energy.

Balancing CHAKRAS which can enhance recovery Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Energetically.

BLOCKS A block is a low vibrational belief.It is not rooted in love. It is usually held in a specific chakra .It  serves us to learn what is needed from the block and to release it. It keeps us from the full expression of our light and affects the experience and expression of our physical reality. Once it is released we imprint what is needed in love

 ENGRAMS An Engram is a block that is at least 3 to 4 life times old. Clearing an Engram is a big deal. It means you are no longer holding a vibration that can maintain this block. A block like all blocks say I am less than I am. This particular block has told you this untruth for several lifetimes. Coming forth to remove this belief has usually gone through a big change or challenge and you have moved to a different perspective. On a soul level you are ready to clear what remains so you can get on ith new experiences created and rooted in love where all is possible.

PROGRAMS A program is a belief system held in place and identified by the individual which is false. A program brings a lot of learning and comes up to be cleared when it no longer serves in the spiritual growth of the soul. A negative program is created because of unhealed past situations. we create survival mechanisms so we can carry on and often have a behavioral pattern that supports and fulfills the program. At long last the soul realizes this is not them, and not part of their light, and therefore the program and the energy surrounding it, is no longer necessary as part of their experience. The important part is saying no to pain and creating and experiencing from that place and yes to love creating and experiencing from love. This is a very important shift , it isalso the shift of the planet and humanity





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