Tarot, Guided meditation and Affirmation


Tarot, Guided meditation and Affirmation


Your Holistic Path to Inner Peace.  we offer a unique and comprehensive package that includes a personalized Tarot reading, a guided meditation tailored specifically to your needs, and the creation of affirmations and actionable suggestions to support your spiritual journey. Our mission is to guide you towards a harmonious life filled with kindness, compassion, and self-discovery. Through our spiritual counseling sessions, we aim to help you find clarity, balance, and serenity within yourself. Embrace the power of this holistic approach to achieve inner alignment and unlock your true potential. Start your  journey today and experience the transformative magic of our integrated services.

 This service is a package a tarot reading, A Guided meditation as well as creating a format that you can follow daily to help you on your individual Journey

About Jeffrey

Passionate about divination , spirituality  and healing, the esoteric art of tarot reading has fascinated me since I was very young. Tarot card reading is a holistic mystical and psychological art that reconnects us to the spirit and the divine. For several years, I have used the tarot deck to provide insight, inner wisdom and guidance to empower thousands of people to start their journey towards their destined path.

What we’ll do

As an experienced tarot reader, I understand that the future is fluid and the exact prediction of possible outcomes is impossible. During our session, when I interpret your tarot card layout, I will focus on your new and old emotional challenges, the influences acting on you and the conscious and subconscious controls you are exerting on your life. My goal will be to empower you to make informed, insightful and balanced decisions in the face of difficult choices when stepping towards the future.

As the Fool makes his journey through the 21 Major Arcana, you will learn about the different phases of self-discovery — a journey that never truly ends as you continue on the path to self-actualization.

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