ROSÉ Hand-painted Mohair and Raw Silk Scarf- Perfect Gift

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Mohair and Raw Silk

You do not want to walk out of the home without wearing one of our hand-painted silk scarves. Our hand-painted silk scarf, made from 100% silk, is an elegant accessory to wear with your clothes. When you are putting together an outfit, our stylish and elegant scarf will fit right in.

You can wear the scarf on a plain white shirt or a patterned shirt and even with a dress or skirt. If you have to go to a formal event in the Winter, our women's winter scarves will keep you warm.

There is no event that our 66" x 11" silk scarves are not made for! Keep yourself looking stylish wearing our scarves all year.

There is no specific time to wear a scarf, thus making your purchase worth it. You can show it off to your friends and family and wear it on every occasion, including formal events. Our silk scarf fashion collection has something for everyone.

Browse through our vast collection of scarves to find something that suits your style, and then place your order.

A lovely unique winter scarf. Double sided, reversible

It's basically two scarves in one. One side is raw silk. Silk is quite magical. Soft and strong simultaneously. It provides insulation in winter and keeps the skin cool in summer. the opposite side is dyed mohair. Mohair is a luxury wool known for its luster, sheen and durability.

If you're looking for classic gifts with intense oriental elements, this gorgeous scarf is a prime choice. 

Suitable accessory for all ages.  

Hand Wash Cold

Dimensions: 66" x 11" 

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