BLUE Tropics Satin scarf by Ripecolor Features Amazing Sheen

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We read your mind! We know what you want. You want a women’s satin scarf that will go with every outfit you wear. You want a scarf made with imagination, creativity, love, and care. If your endless search for the perfect scarf has bought you here, we have good news for you.

Here, you will get what you came looking for! Let us tell you about our stunning one-of-a-kind silk fashion scarves. We have hand-painted our 100% silk scarves carefully with a lot of love and care. Our scarves, measuring 14” x 72” with hand-rolled hems, will win you over.

Just one look and you will be a fan! Our exclusive and exquisite colorful silk scarf will not just impress you, but also your friends and family who see it. On this note, why don’t you buy one for a loved one? We bet they will love the scarf as much as you loved buying it for them.

We have an impressive collection of scarves for you to look at, so you won’t be running out of options any time soon. Since we create new, single-pieces only, there will always be something new for you to discover.

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Scarves are shipped with a complimentary gift bag and box.

Hand Wash 100% Silk

Dimensions: 14" x 72"   

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