YANKEE Classic Printed Pocket Square for Men in Orange

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You are going to a formal, black and white suit and tie event, but you want to add a little color to your outfit. Not too bright but also not too subtle, but something in between. We understand your dilemma and we have the right solution for you— Our 17” x 17” handed-painted high quality pocket squares with hand-rolled hems.

Our suit pocket square will add charm to your suit. When people see you, the words that will come to mind are dashing and handsome. If they don’t say, they will be thinking it. Because when everyone is wearing a conventional pocket square, but you are wearing an unconventional and colorful pocket square with fun patterns on it, of course, all eyes will be on you.

You can also wear the pocket scarf like a bandana around your neck if you want. You can wear it with formal and informal clothes. You can even gift a pocket square to your family and friends. Your loved one, after opening your gift, will fall in love with the beauty and uniqueness of the pocket square.

Buy a pocket square now for yourself or as a gift for your loved one, such as your partner, father, and brother.


Dimensions: Approximately 17" x 17" and have hand rolled hems


  • 100% Silk

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