URBAN Versatile, Soft Luxurious Raw Silk and wool crepe Scarf by Ripecolor

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Raw Silk and Wool Crepe

Stop thinking! Buy our unique scarves for women before they get sold out! Our 62” x 11” inch scarves do not stay available in our store for long due to how unique each one is. Why are they one-of-a-kind? Each 100% silk with hand-rolled hem has been painted by hand by us at our New York City studio.

Our glamorous hand painted scarves have different patterns, designs, and colors. Every time we sit to create a pattern on a scarf, it comes out different. No one pattern or design is the same. We cannot recreate our creativity, so what you get is something that is completely original. It cannot be copied.

Wouldn’t you love to own a printed silk scarf that only you have? We know you would, which is why we decided to dig deep into our mind to display our imagination on the scarf. We want you to keep returning, which is why we continue to exceed our own expectations and top our designs with one brilliant piece after another.

Anyone looking to buy or gift scarves that cannot be copied needs to check out our online store and buy one that they feel suits their personality and style.

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Double sided and reversible

A lovely unique winter scarf.

It's basically two soft scarves in one. One side is raw silk. Silk is quite magical. Soft and strong simultaneously. It provides insulation in winter and keeps the skin cool in summer. The opposite side is a very high quality wool crepe. Wool crepe has a crispy grainy hand. Known for its warmth and resistance to wrinkling.

A true one of a kind

Dimensions: 62" x 11" 

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