Our Flat Crepe Hippie scarf is fashioned from a lovely lightweight silk fabric that holds a slightly crisp texture and a striking sheen.  The Crepe weave boasts a more polished surface than pure Crepe, producing a smoother material for painting. ...
  Our stunning hand-painted silk scarf on a gorgeous you; it’s a combination we want to see happen…no, let’s make it happen! You and our 100% crepe de chine silk scarf is a match made in heaven. You do not...
JASPER Hand Painted Silk Scarf
Wrap yourself in this bold and beautifully trendy silk scarf and revel in the luxurious texture and effortless elegance of this precious natural fiber.  Although this garment boasts a very unique pattern and color combination, it easily pairs with most...
A lightweight silk, slightly crisp scarf and with a pronounced luster. The weave is a type of Crepe weave that is flatter on the surface, making it smoother for painting than Crepe, lustrous but not as shiny as Satin. These...
Cherry Stripe Hand painted Scarf - Multi color
Soft, elegant, and multi-colored, it simply doesn’t get better than this beautifully bold Orange Grove silk scarf!  This delightfully lightweight scarf is fashioned from a slightly crisp Crepe weave that produces a superb sheen. Its smooth surface is ideal for...
QUARRY Stylish Hand-painted Scarf
We want you to be the star at every gathering. With our colorful silk scarf, the spotlight will be on you! Our hand-painted scarves with hand-rolled hem will turn heads in your direction. Tell us one fashion diva who does...
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