The Tarot Cards Yes or No List

by Jeffrey Goldstein February 02, 2024

The Tarot Cards Yes or No List

 Navigating Life's Odyssey: A Hilarious Guide to Tarot's Major Arcana

Greetings, fellow tarot enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a grand adventure through the Major Arcana, the beating heart of the Tarot deck. Strap in for a journey filled with mysticism, humor, and a kaleidoscope of answers ranging from a confident yes to a whimsical maybe, and even a resounding no. From The Fool's carefree dance to The World's triumphant finale, we'll explore the profound wisdom and chuckle-inducing insights of each card.

  1. The Fool - The Jestful Beginning: Picture The Fool as the cosmic jester, donning a motley outfit and dancing on the precipice of the unknown. Is it a yes or a no? Well, it's a jestful beginning, urging you to leap into the abyss with a carefree spirit. Life's a grand carnival, and you're the star of the show.

  2. The Magician - A Theatrical Yes: The Magician steps onto the cosmic stage with flair, wielding the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. If your question involves creativity or taking charge, consider it a theatrical yes. Get ready for a performance of magical proportions – you're the magician of your destiny.

  3. The High Priestess - Mysterious Maybe, Act I: The High Priestess, draped in celestial secrets, makes her entrance. It's a mysterious maybe, reminiscent of the opening act in a captivating play. Trust your intuition; the answer lies in the enigmatic whispers of the cosmic script.

  4. The Empress - An Abundant Yes, Act II: The Empress graces the stage with the abundance of nature, symbolizing growth and maternal warmth. If your question involves love or prosperity, consider it an abundant yes. Picture yourself basking in the fertile fields of success.

  5. The Emperor - A Commanding Yes, Act III: Enter The Emperor, a figure of authority seated on his majestic throne. If your query demands structure or leadership, consider it a commanding yes. Just remember, even emperors need a moment of humility amid their imperial pursuits.

  6. The Hierophant - A Guided Maybe, Act IV: The Hierophant steps forward, offering wisdom from higher realms. It's a guided maybe, urging you to seek counsel from mentors or trusted sources. Think of it as an intermission where you collect insights before the cosmic drama unfolds further.

  7. The Lovers - A Passionate Yes, Act V: The Lovers take center stage, symbolizing intense emotions and partnerships. If your question involves matters of the heart, creativity, or collaboration, consider it a passionate yes. Get ready for a fiery dance of intertwined destinies.

  8. The Chariot - A Spirited Yes, Act VI: The Chariot charges onto the scene, promising victory. It's a spirited yes, but buckle up for the rollercoaster ride ahead. Navigate the twists and turns with determination – your chariot awaits the triumphant finale.

  9. Strength - A Courageous Yes, Act VII: Strength roars onto the cosmic stage, urging you to tap into your inner courage. If your question involves patience or overcoming challenges, consider it a courageous yes. Channel the mighty roar of the lion as you face life's trials.

  10. The Hermit - A Solo Maybe, Act VIII: The Hermit takes a solo turn, retreating into introspection. If your query involves personal growth or solitary endeavors, consider it a solo maybe. The answer may lie in the quiet whispers of your own wisdom, a monologue within the grand play.

  11. Wheel of Fortune - A Turning Yes, Act IX: The Wheel of Fortune spins onto the cosmic stage, promising change and cycles. Yes, your fortunes may shift, but be prepared for the unpredictable nature of the wheel. Brace yourself for unexpected twists – it's a yes, but with a turn.

  12. Justice - A Balanced Yes, Act X: Justice steps forward, symbolizing fairness and balance. If your question involves ethics or legal matters, consider it a balanced yes. Ensure your actions align with the principles of justice as you play your part in the cosmic drama.

  13. The Hanged Man - A Playful Maybe, Act XI: The Hanged Man swings onto the scene, suspended in a state of paradox. This card suggests a playful maybe, inviting you to view situations from a different perspective. Embrace the upside-down world, and you might discover the answer in unexpected places.

  14. Death - A Transformative No, Act XII: The Death card enters, not as a harbinger of doom, but as a symbol of transformation. If your question involves change or letting go, consider it a transformative no. Embrace the death of the old for the birth of the new – it's a cosmic rebirth.

  15. Temperance - A Harmonious Maybe, Act XIII: Temperance blends elements in perfect harmony, suggesting a harmonious maybe. Balance is key in this act, urging you to find the middle ground. Mix and mingle the cosmic elements with finesse as you navigate the delicate dance.

  16. The Devil - A Tempting No, Act XIV: The Devil saunters onto the stage, tempting with desires and illusions. It's a tempting no, urging caution. Beware of the chains that bind – choose wisely in this cosmic masquerade of indulgence.

  17. The Tower - A Disruptive No, Act XV: The Tower crumbles, signaling disruptive change. It's a disruptive no, a cosmic shake-up. Brace yourself for the falling bricks and be ready to rebuild stronger than before. Sometimes, chaos precedes creation.

  18. The Star - A Hopeful Yes, Act XVI: The Star twinkles in the cosmic expanse, offering hope. If your question involves dreams or healing, consider it a hopeful yes. Wish upon the cosmic star, and let its light guide you through the night.

  19. The Moon - A Confusing No, Act XVII: The Moon bathes the scene in mystical light, suggesting an intuitive maybe. Trust your instincts as you navigate the dreamlike landscape, but be wary of the confusing no that lurks in the shadows. The answer may reveal itself through the cosmic tides of emotion.

  20. The Sun - An Illuminating Yes, Act XVIII: The Sun rises, casting a warm glow on the cosmic stage. It's an illuminating yes, radiating positivity. Bask in the sunlight of success and joy – your moment in the cosmic spotlight has arrived.

  21. Judgment - A Resonating Yes, Act XIX: Judgment calls forth, not as a verdict but as a revelation. It's a resonating yes, urging you to embrace your true calling. Rise from the ashes of the past – your cosmic encore awaits.

  22. The World - A Triumphant Yes, Grand Finale: The World takes a bow, marking the grand finale of our cosmic journey. It's a triumphant yes, symbolizing completion and fulfillment. Dance in the cosmic confetti as you celebrate the tapestry of your existence.


As the cosmic curtain falls on our Tarot extravaganza, remember that these cards are not rigid prophecies but mirrors reflecting the dance of your own energy. Whether it's a resounding yes, a mischievous maybe, or a gentle no, the Major Arcana invites you to laugh, learn, and embrace the grand theater of life. May your journey be adorned with cosmic chuckles, profound insights, and a sprinkle of magic!

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Jeffrey Goldstein
Jeffrey Goldstein


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