Satin Scarves vs. Silk Scarves


What’s the difference between Satin scarves and Silk scarves?

Silk is a raw material. It is a natural protein that can be woven into textiles. Silk-like other fabrics have a myriad of ways to be woven.

 Satin, on the other hand, is a particular type of weave. Silk can be a satin weave or a Basic weave or a twill weave. To name a few. They are different fabric structures.


The satin weave is commonly used for a colorful silk scarf, however, polyester can also be woven using a satin structure.

When cotton is woven in a Satin structure it is called Sateen.

When Satin is woven the yarn goes over 4 or more weft yarns. The fabric is very lustrous, very smooth and catches a lot of light.

So that’s the answer. Generally, satin is made from silk, it was developed for silk. However satin is actually a type of textile weave. So if you see something and it says it’s satin you have to dig deeper to figure out whether it’s actually silk satin or an imitation.

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