• Why Hand Made Gifts Are The Best

    Why Hand Made Gifts Are The Best
    If you give someone a handmade a gift that took a lot of time, care, and creative energy to make, it means a lot more than if you were to give them something that was mass produced or could be bought at any local store.
  • A Conversation with Jeffrey

    A Conversation with Jeffrey
    An interview of Jeffrey Goldstein by  Marco Jaimes: M: Hi Jeffrey. So first of all, who are you and what do you do? J: My name is Jeffrey Goldstein and I am an artist, healer, dyer, and printer based in NYC. I am a native New Yorker, and my passion is bringing beauty into this world through the medium of color, which I do...
  • What Does One of a Kind Mean?

    What Does One of a Kind Mean?
    The classification "one of a kind" is fundamentally different to other descriptors, such as "limited edition" in the sense that one of a kind means just that; there will never be another product like the one in question.    (On the left is our Honeycomb crepe de chine scarf. In the center is our Ordered flat crepe scarf. And on the right is our Broadway satin scarf).    ...
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