• Handmade Accessories

    Handmade Accessories
    All of our accessories are handmade, dyed, and painted in our New York studio.
  • What Does One of a Kind Mean?

    What Does One of a Kind Mean?
    The classification "one of a kind" is fundamentally different to other descriptors, such as "limited edition" in the sense that one of a kind means just that; there will never be another product like the one in question.    (On the left is our Honeycomb crepe de chine scarf. In the center is our Ordered flat crepe scarf. And on the right is our Broadway satin scarf).    ...
  • What Are Pocket Squares?

    What Are Pocket Squares?
    At first glance, a pocket square might look like a handkerchief. The two have very different functions however.
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